Den (dewhitton) wrote in bats,

Lesser long-eared bat

I have a lesser long-eared bat in care! She is in for a few days of R&R then I'll let her go when I'm sure there is nothing wrong with her.

Note the gloves! This species is a confirmed carrier of lyssavirus - one LLEB was found with it, but no others so far. Even so, you have to be careful.

She doesn't like being handled.
Lesser Long-Eared Bat

Not frothing at the mouth, just finishing off worm guts.
Lesser Long-Eared Bat

Ear close-up. The ears are curled when at rest. In flight, they are spread out wide and are quite long.
Lesser Long-Eared Bat
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Poor thing. But such fascinating ears!
I looked up lyssavirus...

Does the rabies vaccine cover that one?

Otherwise, I'm not sure that rubber gloves would really protect you from a bat bite. :/ Their teeth are pretty much needles.


March 17 2010, 08:08:13 UTC 8 years ago Edited:  March 17 2010, 08:09:05 UTC

Rabies vaccine works. I had the pre-exposure and yearly booster set.

The gloves do work to a point. If the bat does bite trough and breaks the skin, the latex will minimize the saliva that gets through. And if that happens I have to have boosters anyway. On the other hand we don't have rabies here. Which is nice.
So sweet! Her ears look like maple seeds.